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Behavioral therapy services are provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analysis using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is the science of understanding behavior to help determine what specific evidence based interventions we choose to use to improve socially significant behaviors. These interventions are applied using a systematic approach which is why ABA can be covered as a medical intervention by some insurance companies. The environment can be tested to discover what is responsible for the behavior and can be controlled in a way that allows you to change the behavior. All behaviors have a function and it’s our responsibility to find out what that is and give you the tools to manipulate the environment to make the behavior change. It’s like a light switch. If you know what triggers the behavior you can turn the behavior off or on like a light. Many parents say “I have no idea why my child is behaving like this!” With ABA we can determine exactly why your child does what he does and create a plan to increase appropriate behaviors and decrease unwarranted behaviors.

Your child may be exhibiting these behaviors in your home, school or community. Our job is to help support you and your child in whatever setting is affected. Behaviors tend to have patterns so it’s best to observe your child when those times are at their greatest. Sometimes that might be during homework time after school. Other times it might be when your child is integrated into the general education classroom. The setting that the behaviors of concern are appearing is the place to start. I help determine the function of the behavior and then provide you with structure and guidance to implement behavioral interventions to decrease the problem behaviors. My goal is to teach, model effectively, provide feedback, ensure treatment integrity, and then fade out of the picture so that you are left with a happy, healthy family.

Because of my background in Speech/Language pathology and Special Education I tend to teach pragmatic skills and use social thinking in combination with ABA. This allows me to reach and teach more children and families with or without a diagnosis. Especially those parents or teachers who are in need of an extra added boost to their parenting or teaching repertoire.

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Shealeen Kennedy, M.Ed., BCBA