In-Home Sessions:

A BCBA will provide ABA services in the home focusing on acquisition skills in the areas of academics, behavior, communication, daily life skills, social skills, and learner readiness skills. It depends on the child’s needs and ability to stay on task for a period of time but generally sessions last 1-3 hours. Again, depending on your child’s diagnosis and recommendations from your child’s developmental pediatrician or other doctor may include as little as 1-4 hour per week up to a maximum of 25 hours per week. Some ABA providers will provide more than that so please contact me if your child does need a higher amount of intervention than I can provide and I’d be happy to refer you to another company or we can discuss training an ABA therapist to provide some additional hours.


To School: This may include Q & A, or Attendance at IEP or 504 plan meeting, or other solutions to help your child make progress with his/her behavior in school.

To other service provider (LMHC, SLP, OT, PT): This may include Q &A, brainstorming solutions, or other solutions to help your child make better progress with his/her other service provider.

Parent Education Classes or Staff Training :

Routines & Schedules
Anger Management
Homework Battles
Stay in Bed
Eating difficulties
Reinforcement vs. Punishment
Sibling Rivalry
Positive Behavior
Out in public/In the car
Parenting on the same page
Why time-outs, counting & choices may not work
Functions of Behavior
ABC’s of Behavior- understanding antecedents and consquences
Signs of Autism- What to Look For?
Discrete Trial Training
Direct Instruction
What is Applied Behavior Analysis?
Using PECS
Activity Schedules to Increase Independence in Class or Home
De-Escalation Techniques to Reduce Aggressive Behaviors
Please send me a request to discuss topics of interest. Always looking for schools or locations to present classes. If you have a group interested in any of the above topics and want one or a series presented please contact me.


Functional Behavior Assessment / Behavior Intervention Plan (FBA/BIP)
It is considered to be a problem-solving process for challenging behaviors. A BCBA uses both direct and indirect assessments to identify the function(s) of the behavior(s) and create a behavior plan to improve appropriate behaviors or decrease unwarranted behaviors. An FBA can be used to help IEP teams select interventions to directly address the challenging behaviors observed in school

Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP)
It is a language and social skills assessment tool, curriculum guide & skill tracking system for children with Autism and other developmental language disabilities.

The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised (ABLLS-R)
It is another, more in-depth, assessment, curriculum guide, and skills tracking guide for children with Autism and other language and learning difficulties. It contains a task analysis of skills necessary to communicate successfully and to learn from everyday experiences.

Other Services:

Parent Intake Meeting: This a parent only meeting to discuss the forms, rates, billing and reasons for seeking behavioral services. This generally lasts about an hour.

Observation in School: collecting and gathering data to present to parents or school

Social Skills groups:  Small group of about 3-8 clients; focus on executive functioning skills, functional communication, understanding behavior chains using board, card, and dice games, art actvities, videos, role play, stories and worksheets.  Can sometimes include typical peers as peer models.

Tutoring sessions:  Can be small group of 1:1;  When your child is not making progress with a typical tutor sometimes incorporating ABA with tutoring can make a big difference.

Feedback Session: This is a parent only meeting to review the results of the assessment. This generally lasts about 1 hour.

“Talk Time” appointment: used to help explain additional information outside of normal discussion time at the end of each session

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