Question #1: What is ABA?
Answer: Applied Behavior Analysis
ABA is the science of understanding behavior to help determine what specific evidence based interventions we choose to use to improve socially significant behaviors.

Questions #2: Why does my child’s behavior seem to be getting worse?
Answer: This is called an “extinction burst”. The basic definition is the effect that occurs when an extinction procedure is implemented. It is an immediate increase in the frequency of the response after the removal of whatever was reinforcing the behavior initially. The good thing is that if the extinction procedure is implemented properly and an extinction burst occurs that means that the reinforcer(s) that maintained the behavior was correctly identified and there is a really good chance intervention will be highly successful.

Question #3: Why is my child’s behavior fine in one setting but not another?
Answer: This is called “behavioral contrast”. This basically means that in one setting the behavior is being reinforced (point sheet, praise, high 5’s) or punished (time out, ignore, reprimand) appropriately. This contrast effect can be minimized, or prevented altogether, by consistently reinforcing or punishing all occurrences of the target behavior in all settings.

Question #4: Can you just come to my house and give me a quick fix solution?
Answer: Quite simply…no. Finding what reinforces the behavior, creating a plan, working and tweaking that plan and then fading out interventions takes time. This is not a quick fix solution. I tell parents all the time to think about why they want a BCBA to help, look at our intake form and fill out that information, and prioritize your top 3-5 areas of need. Then, we can meet to discuss your child and form a plan for intervention.

Please e-mail me with any of your questions. If it seems beneficial for my clients I will post your question and my answer.

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